Friday, October 15, 2010

MTC (Missionary Training College)

Elder Anderson entered the Accra, Ghana  MTC (Missionary Training Centre) on August 13th.  He stayed there three weeks learning about how to be a full time missionary.


On August 12th 2010, Elder Aaron Anderson left Brisbane Airport to serve a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Accra, Ghana. 

Many friends and family were there to say Goodbye to Elder Anderson for two years.

As he went down into the customs area, they stood on the balcony above and sang the words:
It is better to light, just one little candle, 
than to stumble in the dark....
Better far than to light, just one little candle
all you need's a tiny spark...
If we all say our prayers that the world would be free
What a wonderful dawn the new day would be
And if everyone lit, just one little candle
What a bright world this would be.....
What a bright world this would be.....
We are the Missionaries
We are the Missionaries
To spread the Gospel, to the people
It is our duty, to spread the world of God

Everybody be a missionary

And as he looked back, words can't describe the expression of love and admiration for his family that came across his face....

We are so proud of you Elder Anderson... your obedience will bring blessings to many... both in Ghana and at home.