Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Companion and the work is 'sweet' in Christianborg!

My new companion is really cool, His name is Elder Cserepes, (Sara-piss) from Kanab Utah... tiny tiny town, in the southern utah desert with a population of 5000!!! i couldn't even imagine!  his name is from hungary and most ghanians have a really hard time saying it!
He wants to get a guitar so that will be cool for the apartment! guitar and ukulele!! Together!! hehe

In our flat it is just the 2 of us! so it makes it nice and clean!!
we have had no water since wednesday till today!!! but them the water came back on and them power went out!!!
so we just cannot win!

We had a baptism on saturday, it was someone that president and the AP's were teaching, His name is Eric.
And he is a Magistrate Judge in Ghana!!! So that was quite an experience, i had to interview him for baptism!! how crazy is that... i was his his judge! (in a way) but he is a surprisingly humble person and loves the gospel!  We sang nearer my god to thee with the ukulele at the baptism, (Elder's Afu, Tuisavalalo, Thompson and I)
It was really sweet! and we sounded pretty good too!!

The work is so sweet here in Christiansborg!
The member's really helped us out this week! We received 9 referrals from members and had 6 at church on sunday!!!
which was just wonderful!
We are planning on having a baptism this saturday!
For 2 of our investigators,
Elizabeth Aryee and Dan Ossom.
They are such great people!
When we met Dan, he had heard of Jesus Christ but had never gone to church, never read from the bible and only know what he heard on the streets!!

It is so great to be able to teach his the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then how is was restored in the latter days through a prophet called of God! 
He is very excited for his baptism!