Monday, January 24, 2011


So Good Afternoon there.

How are things in the now sunny (so i hear) Brisbane??

It is true that i'll be coming home to a brand new place! it will all be so different. AND i'm going to have a learn how to drive all over again and get the rampant craziness of Ghana's roads out and adjust back to civilized roads with actual rules.

This internet is killing me. I almost want to boycott the cafe all together!!!
There is a big generator out side that is slowly giving me a headache and the connection drops about 3 times every 5 minutes!!

So this week has been pretty normal, but exciting at the same time.  There is the nice restaurant/hotel called Adjosec(XXX)  The food is pretty good the environment is nice and it is just across the road from the chapel!
So Saturday's we have Missionary coordination and PEC so we go there after for dinner!

On Sunday President Cardon (the Area President) came to our Ward, for a visit.  It was pretty cool, he gave a great talk about the Atonement and the Saviour's life on earth. He is pretty cool, i played the piano (keyboard) terribly i thought, but he came and thanked me for the playing so can't have been too bad right!!  We got our baptisimal candidates interviewed which is relief! We will be having a baptism on Friday with 4 of my brothers and sisters!

We have been working plenty with the members really trying to get them involved with missionary work which has been really cool as they keep bringing us plenty referrals!! Which is just great!!!!!

This week has been a fried rice week and the fried rice has been very nice!  They make it different here but it is still good! Alot more spicy! Man they like their chilli tooo much everything!!! if its not burning the inside of you... it doesn't taste good!  Not nice at all.

That has to be one of the coolest stories I've heard! about Wayne and the priests!  It is so true that the spirit guides us to people who are in need, people who have been humbled by a situation or who will be able to be touched by the spirit from our heartfelt service and love that we should have for all of our fellowmen!

The concert/dance thing sounded like a real hoot! looks like you have a great time and did a lot of good in the community! 

The people here on the camp are somehow like that, they are all in the same boat and don't mind helping someone out! They are humbled by their situation thus making them more open to the promptings and whisperings of the spirit when we deliver our message about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

They are such a cool people to work with.  Our area however is also a bunch of villages that extend almost to Winneba, which is in the Cape Coast Mission!!!!!  Only a 20 minute drive!  Then there is one town called Fete that takes about 30/40min to get to which is our's as well.  You almost reach Winneba then you branch straight to the coastline. I have been told it is very nice. We are yet to go there, we normally don't proselyte there are it is so far away and it is so hard for members and investigators there to get to church. I think you can look it up.

I hope the family is fine and i hope you are getting my letters!


Good Morning from a Sunny day In Ghana's Central Region.

I do had a stout of runny nose this week, preceded by a sore throat..... so my sympathy's to Blaze.. i hope she is feeling better!!!!

This week has been another busy yet typical week in the life of an LDS missionary.  Lots of interesting 'little things' some great west aftican food and of course.... sore feet.  I always have sore feet! 
No Matter how much i sit down, they always seem to hurt. Sleep is golden then up again at 6.30am

It has been advised that we should leave the camp (refugee camp) before 6/7pm every day as it is not safe for us to be there so that isn't to exciting. Gives us less time to meet with our people! (i don't know where they are getting this from as the people are so nice here and super friendly, but they do like drinking, and they are probs not as nice when they are drunk)  But other than that the area is SWEET! very very sweet! We usually just spend that time with members who have referrals or in the other side of our area!

It takes too long to upload photos or i would sent plenty, but i will make some time when i can!

the people here are so thirsty for the truth. they have so many 'prophets' and so many one shop churches. so many people telling them that by paying 100cedis all their sins will be forgiven and many don't know any better paying everything they have and still being told its not enough.  so many greedy 'pastors' it makes me sick.
but one family at a time the true gospel of Jesus Christ is truly blessing the people here in Ghana

I know why i am here and thank my heavenly father each and every day, we can question why things are happening but if we follow our brother Nephi's council from the Book Of Mormon in 1 Nephi 11:16-17 We do no know the meaning of all things YET! We know taat God loves his children! and that is all we need to know.

I love you all so Much and thanks for the support you keep sending my way!

Miss you

Love Elder Aaron Anderson

Monday, January 10, 2011


My new area is called Buduburam. It is in Ghana's Central Region and is located 44km from Accra.  It is also a Liberian Refugee Camp, most have been here since 2003 or before and have no way to get home, they are somehow stuck! But I'm excited to work the Liberian people, they are very cool, humbled by the situations that they are currently found in and great people to teach. They have a love for the saviour and are willing to listen to what you have to tell them.

So my new companion is named Elder Evensen from Rupert, Idaho.
He is 9 months on mission and has been here in Buduburam for 6 months. he will be 7.5 at the end of this transfer and i will officially be 6 MONTHS ON MISSION!!!!!! wow! crazy fast!

My area is the mission boundary and is quite a high baptizing area! we are hoping for about 7 this month and plenty more in the months to come!
Ready to really work hard and seek out those people in the Refugee camp and surrounds!

Our Chapel is a nice rented 2 story building with the chapel and bishop/clerks offices and 2 classrooms up stairs and 6 big classrooms down stairs. I drew up the renovation plans to make the chapel even better for the ward. When the church buys the building that is.

It is weird adjusting to saying ward and stake instead of Branch and district.
and saying Bishop and Ward mission leader instead of President and Branch mission leader.
But it is cool and I'm adjusting!

It is also weird getting used to the new place. I was so comfortable in my part of the bush. i knew my way around and all sorts. but now i have to learn a whole new area! everywhere i go is a new place. The Camp is split into 12 Zone's, each containing between 150-300 houses! So so so many people!

They don't speak Twi which is a little depressing but is ok.
There is also a really nice (and reasonable) restaurant in town called XXX (i know the name sounds a little risky but it is a nice place. The food is good too.)
But can't be eating there too often. $$ are going to go tooooo fast!

The FM (freemeals) we get here are alot different too.
Mostly because our investigators and most of the members are Liberian. So we eat a lot of Liberian food rather than Ghanian food.
They make a different kind of fufu (one you eat with a spoon) and like pepae (chilli) a whole lot more that anyone should!!!! it is crazy how much they eat.
But there are some good food places around that make good old fashioned Ghanaian Fufu and Banku. I just need to find someone that will make me Ackpili and ill be set!!!!
All with lite soup of course!

Ghana is still very very hot during the day and cooler at night and in the mornings.
Even sleeping without a fan and under my sheet! (and under a net which is never fun!!)

Our apartment is somewhat an interesting story.
1. The water filters had not been changed in 9 months. (You are supossed to change one of the 3 filters every 2 months) They were BLACK when i changed them!
2. The gas bottle had been empty for about 2 months (the always ate out!!)
3. The fridge was full of old, stale food (some things being left in there for more than 6 months!!!)
4. It has 3 bathrooms, 2 have toilets, the other has the pipe ready for one to be installed, one has a shower, (the other 2 have taps and pipes but no shower heads. None have a sink, (there is just a random one is the middle of the hall) and only one has light. they are all tiny tiny.
5. But is is cool, the kitchen is big, and our study room is big too. nice big table and plenty space (not a fan of the iron yet but it does its job so i cannot complain!!! lol)

The internet here is terribly slow compared to the Vodafone cafe but is very nice from what i hear (compared), we have light off quite frequently.
i think about 5 times since i came last wednesday and one lasted 12hours with out power!!!!!! not fun!
Lucky it was during the day, so we didn't really realize too much!

Monday, January 3, 2011


and i'm not impressed.
Elder Chimuka is training this transfer  which means bye bye Elder Anderson!

He is getting an american. They called him last week to tell him and on Friday we had to go to Accra for trainers council.

All the people that are trainer were there 3 Elders and 3 Sister
So i went proselyting with Elder Berry From Utah.

1. I had a 'real' Cheese burger and it was actually pretty good.
2. I felt so weird seeing white people!!! I must have seen about 100, they were just all walking around, trying to avoid us.
3. The people in Accra all know something about the church, everyone is busy and most do not want to talk to you.
(not like in the bush how everyone wants to talk to you because you are white!  And no little kids yelling out Obruni all the time)

So i am fine!
Christmas and new years were very cool. Our Branches had parties for both and this evening the are having a joint Christmas/new year celebration.
Lots of food I'm hoping!

The last couple of night especially have been very very cool. i even slept without a fan and under my sheet!!!!!!
They were then followed by some of the hottest days I've experienced here in Ghana!

Teaching people has been great this week, we really went and dig around a new area that we hadn't been to much, and found some really cool people, and now i have to leave them!

So sad!

Thank you so much for all the goodies!
I don't know where to start the thanks!

The work is sweet, and time is flying!!!!