Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Transferred Again!!!

So a little piece of interesting news for you.

No more Kasoa.....  NOW its Christiansborg!

Yep!  I got Transferred, Again...

This was the first transfer that Pres Judd and he made A LOT of changes.
So i am now in Christansborg. Back into the centre/heart of Accra, with the busiest street, the most white people and a KFC (yes a real one) that opens on Saturday!!!! (super excitement on my face!!!)

I am in the same district i was in when i was in the Office.

My Ward is nice, the members are cool and surprisingly the work is still sweet!! But then again that comes down to individual perception and desire... But so far I'm loving it!

Christiansborg one of the oldest wards in Accra and one of the oldest chapels.
It is very strange.
You walk straight into the chapel, and then the classrooms come off all the sides of the chapel.  The Bishop's and Clerks office's are in a separate building across from the main chapel as well as our small (but nice) apartment.  
BUT!!! The whole chapel, including our apartment has..... A/C
and they use it every Sunday!  They kind of need it in the main chapel as there are only windows at one end!
It doesn't look like a typical chapel but it is still nice.  We are about a 5 minute bike ride from the mission home and temple, both however are in another missionaries area.

If you find a map of Accra look for OSU, ACCRA and the chapel and apartment are on 17th Lane off Oxford street.
it has a dark red roof.

It is still a little cool here in Accra, thankfully, and i am right on the beach.. about a 5 minute ride from out apartment as you can see on the map.

One of our investigators lives pretty much beachside... in the least beach side property i ever did see!
It is fun to be back in Accra but i miss Kasoa, and I'm now on to companion # 7 and area 5 and i'm not even one year on mission!!! anyone would think im a problem missionary.
But i guess i went to Kasoa for a purpose and fufilled it!!! and now i'm here in christiansborg for the same reason.
I'm still DL and now have the office elders and Jamestown, my former area in my district!!

Also we will be coming to the cafe a little earlier as well!

The lady, Mummy Hammond, who is on the cover of the Ghana Ensign, that wayne showed me is now in my ward, and we are going to her house for FHE tonight, so that will be fun, with our district and the AP's.  Both her and her daughter play the piano really well, and they take turns playing.

Hey so i heard something about julia gillard and some new tax that is going to make flights more expensive...???
or something like that.. but then again, i have no idea!

life is fun, the work is sweet and the field is surprisingly white and ready.
the people are everywhere. you just have to find them!

Let me know when the other letters arrive, they get more and more interesting!

Love Elder Anderson 

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