Monday, February 27, 2012

Lesson I Learnt Hiking

I wanted to share an insight or experience that i felt as we hiked to
the top of the Wli water falls here in Ghana's beautiful Volta region.

The path to the lower falls, was flat, it was a little windy with
about 8 bridges, but a flat walk the whole way.  The reward a
spectacular waterfall about 40m high.

About 500m from the lower falls a side path branching nearly vertical
upwards and over what appears to be a never ending mountain.  But we
felt it was worth it. We arrived at the beginning of the track and our
guide handed us each a hiking stick to help us on the journey.  As we
hiked up the near vertical track we came to know that there were
pieces of path that were easy to navigate, some were not as steep as
they appeared, and it even changed from uphill to downhill at some
places.  As we came closer to the upper falls, we came to a very
narrow path with a cliff-like drop off on one side.  Our guide
cautioned us that we should rely heavily on the support of the hiking
stick as to not over balance over this next section.  We continued
having what i could describe as big heads thinking that we could do it
without the support.  However it came to a point where that support
was vital and without it we would have certainty fallen over the steep
side. While it was there to support and strengthen me throughout the
whole hike, there were times that without it we could have easily

In life we hike up and down emotional, physical and spiritual
mountains everyday.  But we are not alone.  We also have a guide and
we have that hiking pole to support and strengthen us at all times,
always ready to take the weight that we cannot bear.  As i thought
about the guides we have and the pillar of support given it prompted
me to think of who these people are in our lives.  Our parents, church
leaders, the Prophet and Apostles, the scriptures and so many more.
That hiking pole, is the Atonement.  Jesus Christ suffered the peins,
griefs and sorrow of the world, he is our rock, ready to support us
through any trial we find ourselves inflicted with.

My Question is do we follow these guides and use this support as much
as we should?  Or are there are times when we with "big heads" feel
ourselves strong enough to endure without the needed support.

However we know that there are time's of narrow track in our lives,
times when storms threaten to swallow us up that we must lean upon
that rock, hold on tight! So he may carry us through the storm an
safely back to the shore. We need to build ourselves upon that rock
the rock of our salvation who is Christ.  For it is "a foundation
whereon if men build, they cannot fall."

The reward?

A most amazing sight.  Breathtaking 60m waterfall, with wildlife and
scenery most serene and peaceful.

Our reward in life.
Eternal Life ... Exhaltation ... To live forever with our Families.

I love you all so much.
Thank you for your support as i am here in Ghana.
I know i am where i need to be and that i am in the service of my
Father In Heaven as a representative of his Son Jesus Christ to
declare repentance and Baptism to the

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