Monday, November 1, 2010

KOFORIDIA (First Area)

While Elder Anderson is serving in the Accra, Ghana Mission, he will serve in different areas that the mission encompasses.  His first area was Koforidua...

He writes....

7th September 2010

It is HOT!
It is the rainy season
and its still HOT!

it rains nearly every day, we just have to find someone to teach under cover when it rains!  We (me and my companion) are in a little town called Koforidua. We are both new to the area, he was the old AP so trying to find our way around it terrible!

The streets are not named so that is hard then no one knows where they live. we are covering 2 branches and no one seems to know the boundary's for them! and I'm the only whites person.

a little girl saw me and started crying she didn't know what i was. most kids just call out abruni (white man) and smile and wave its pretty cool

There is not a drop of milk like back a home and cheese is far and few between!

We have 8 investigators with baptismal dates! i know already in just 5 days! and we had 16 investigators at church yesterday! The work is really ready to be done here. The Ghana Accra Mission has the the 2nd highest baptizing mission in the world for the last 6 months! (Some Brazil that just opened up is beating us but hey 2nd is still awesome!)

The things here are funny to buy. Some things are so cheep like taxis. 35cents from my house to yours! but Nutella is like almost 10 bucks (equivalent) for the little one! You can get $2 recharges for your phones! and everyone one here has a mobile!

My branch's are nice and the branch missionaries and mission leader are so helpful they come out with us, and show us around, been on splits twice already!

Mission life is fun (hand washing all my cloths is not) but something i must do if i want clean cloths. lol

We have our first district meeting tomorrow so i get to meet the district and then our First Zone Training on Friday.

14th September 2010
we had 18 investigators at church yesterday 17 last week and we have a baptism this saturday and another on sunday! They have to attend church 4 times before they can be baptised so the ones this week are member refferals. the members here are so great with the missionary work both branches have about 140 members and the chapels are pretty normal! except that the font is outside in the courtyard! lol weird i know! but cool

It is has been the 2nd highest baptizing mission in the world for the last 6 months! 3 per companionship per month on average! We have 17 investigators with baptismal dates!  so wow
The temple is very nice. no white (but then again neither is brisbane) but still awesome! just a tiny bit bigger than Brisbane. beautiful and there is alot of natural wood its cool as!

21 September 2010
My Companion's name is Elder Takon, he is from nigeria and is pretty cool! He was the AP and goes home at the end of the next transfer!

We actually had 5 baptisms over the weekend! 3 on sat and 2 on sun So i was pretty chuffed!!!!!

As for my companion wanting anything he wants cookies. they are his favorite and nearly impossible to get good ones here. The couples sometimes bring some around for him (which is good cause i get some too!) lol

One thing i love here is the bread! i don't know if i told you but there is a big bakery right near our flat called B. Foster Bakery and the bread is amazing!

i eat so much of it!

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