Monday, November 29, 2010


The weather here has been HOT.  funny that.
I'm trying to think about what we can do for Christmas and Christmas trees/  decorations.
thinking of going to cutting one down.

So my new companion is cool,
His name is Elder Chimuka from Zimbabwe
He was best friend with Elder Wicho (my MTC companion) before they both came on mission.  He is 6 months (2 transfers ahead of me)  he arrived in ghana the same time i got my call!!!!  pretty crazy i know.

hey did you end up telling blaze to look out for the kid from melbourne at convention
Markus Thom.  The office couple were telling me about him.  I will no longer be the lone Australian in the Mighty Ghana Accra Mission

We went mountain climbing today, so i put here's some photos for you guys to check out.  finally see where ive been living for the past 3 months.

We celebrated thanksgiving last week.  it was pretty fun! is that something that you guys do?  We have mashed potatoes and boy were they amazing! with beef ( no turkey here) and beans and carrots and bread and gravy... it was quite a feast.
plus pineapple and mango.

i told them i will make pav for Australia Day. might even have a barbie!!! lol
Which reminds me are you able to put in one of those easy pav's?
i don't know what they are called but hopefully you know what i'm talking about.
if not i will just suffer trying to make one from scratch!!! lol
i was thinking of making some lamingtons as well!

I'm in the coolest place in the mission and loving it out here! the branches are cool, the members are cool, the work is sweet and plently FM(free meals) and everyone just says that the Koforidua elder's are the luckest and that we will suffer when we go to Accra....  My Companion was telling me some pretty crazy stories! but i'll leave them for another time!

We planning on having a baptism on Christmas (they call it a 'White Baptism' ) not sure why, it doesn't snow here but anyway.  the branch presidency were very excited about that.

One of my new words which Ghanians understand 'plenty' and 'smallsmall' 'bigbig' 'so you understand very well'

P.S    and m&m's, nutella and skittles are the bomb :D

Love you all lots and lots

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