Saturday, February 26, 2011


So yesterday was fun!
The investigators class sang happy birthday to me!
then we couldnt go on the camp because of a big riot!

It was really bad actually!

the police raided the whole UN camp
they shot 4 people (confirmed) and killed 2 of them
a small girl and an older man
they also arrested 400 of the refugees

Apparently there was supossed to be a change to leadership yesterday and the old leader and the police didn't want the change to happen so they all rallyed together and went in and started shooting!

It all happened while we were at church (and continued till night time)
There are a few news reports on it if you google "buduburam camp shooting 2011"

Pretty crazy but!!!!!

i made lamingtons!
they were wonderful!
Enjoyed them plenty!
Looking forward to hearing all about Kody's audition with AGT!!!

Where is ezrah going on his mission??
he must be dying with antisipaiton at the moment!!!!!
i know i would be!

and also how is bryson doing with his papers?

apples will literally be a 1 hour drive away from me (supossing i dont transfer this or next transfer!)

the internet has dropped out, so im really hoping we dont have light off cause i would lose this whole email!
which would suck!

I feel so old :( but its ok cause next month blaze and i will be old together so it wont be too bad!


Lots of love. ELDER ANDERSON!!!!!

who is offically finished with food from home :(
but is okay with that :)

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