Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hearing 3 Members of the 70 in less than 3 weeks!!!

I sent letters 2 weeks ago and again last week.  So i discovered that there is no post office anywhere near here so i only have to pouch to send my letters by.  And no stamps yet but they could be at the mission home or at the post office i will keep you posted!

That is super cool about that kid from tahiti, what would you know!
he has been out the same time as me!

which means he is at 6 months too!!!!!!!!!
there are a bunch of french speaking missionaries here too. from cote'd'voir and togo.
They are funny their is one named sis Kambrie, she is an albino and they sang O Holy Night in french at the christmas conference!!! it was wonderful/ anyway she had to learn english at the mtc, she didnt know a wink of it before he came!

speaking of the MTC as of next wednesday i will no longer be the lone Aussie in the Ghana Accra Mission, Elder Thom comes out of the MTC.....

so crazy!

Well the mission is doing great!

Anyway, I have had the privilege of hearing 3 Members of the 70 in less than 3 weeks!

1st: Elder Sitati (2nd Councilor Area Presidency)  1st Quorum at the Mission Tour, challenged us to be exactly obedient and instructed on working more in unity with our companions, the members, and also the ward and stake priesthood leaders.

2nd: Elder Cardon (Area President) 2nd Quorum at Buduburam Sacrament Meeting. He spoke about the Saviours Earthly Ministry and also about the Atonement and making it play a part in each of our daily lives.

3rd: Elder Ahaiage (Hi-ar-gee) (Area Seventy) at Buduburam Sacrament Meeting. He spoke about the importance of missionary work and how important member missionary work is, he and his wife are both converts to the church, Sis Ahaige was a Pastor in her church, they both shared their conversion stories, it was an amazing experience!

And on a sad note Elder Evensen had some weird infection on his arm.
A lump near his elbow, that got bigger and bigger and bigger then finally erupted and deposited about enough gunk and pus to fill the hold in a computer mouse where the ball goes (you know those old mouse with the ball inside)

But he is all fine now and nothing to worry about. Although the Dr. thinks it may have been a staff infection!  eeekkkkk
Current is low meaning internet speed droppppppppppps alot.

But Lots of Love 

Elder Anderson!!!!

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