Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Office Missionary, Driving in Accra and not winning the spelling bee

unfortuntly my shirts are not getting cleaner, the collars are just too dirty for the washing machine to get clean!!

it is pretty cool that i will be seeing the inner workings of the mission and learing how it all works. sad part is that i don't get to teach as much with all the office and running around work.

My money situation is fine.  We get money from the mission and most of the time is does just fine for me and my companion too.

btw his name is Elder George Macauley from nigeria, Akwa ibom (ar-cry-bull) state, it is next to cross river state which is where elder takon my trainer is from!  Small world!  and he sends his grettings to you all.

Still only attend the temple every 6 months.  no special visits.  all the new missionaries go when they are in the mtc so when we pick them up they are all ready to go into the field and start working!

Having the car is somewhat of a new experience because there are so many opportunities lost now.
and the area we proclyte in the some how far from the mission home and ghana is lacking on 2 things when it come to roads.
1. drivers with common road courtesy and
2. parking places!

it makes it difficult to drive (all the cars parked willie-nillie all over the road) and finding a place we can leave it!  I'm in a place called james town, so you can look it up. They donot however have a chapel and meet at the temple site.  It is just a little branch and we are here to help it grow..

The biggest problem we face is getting our investigators (and members) to come to church, they all complain about the distance and money for transport and many other things!
We had 49 at church on sunday and 4 investigators!  thats a pretty big change from 180 attendence at buduburam and 18 investigators!

Other than that the office is pretty sweet, sister smith made brownines for us today as is was sister Barney's (the office coupe) birthday.

We gave her a hand fan (like the poly ones) that was in my package from liz and blaze which arrived today!
She loved it, she was even talking about how much she was wanting one to take to church (as none of the chapels here have a/c) and how every time she saw one they were in a hurry and couldnt stop, or that she saw them with a street hawker but the traffic was moving and they couldnt stop!!

(people here LOVE to honk their horns! it drives me insane!!!!!!!) they also love to cut in any which way they feel like it! it is terribly annoying!!! 

but i'm still enjoying and still get to teach most afternoons and evenings so that is great!

I love you lots and lots  

Elder Anderson

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