Tuesday, March 29, 2011


President came out on sunday to buduburam to do abortion interviews for us.
(He has to interview all of our candidates that have had/or partisipated in an abortion before) Which sadly is about 50% + of our candiates.

any way he came to us after and told me that he wanted to talk to me, and told me that i am going to be the new office elder, which means i have to DRIVE... in ghana on the wrong side of the road!!!!! in the wrong side of the car with the crazy taxi drivers all around!!!!  and what makes it even better is that i have to drive a massise bus!   

also i have a car (only 2 companionships in the whole mission have cars and im going to have one for 2 transfers!) and a washing machine, an oven and AIR-CON

so i short one today as time is of the essence but i will write again maybe tomorrow or wednesdays!

P.S i think we are going to the MTC tomorrow so i will probs be able to see apples!


I just checked the mail room and i got a letters! what is with everyone sending me envelopes?????????  hehe but i actually think i know the answers to that!!!!

another bonus! i can send letters straight after i write them and i will not have to wait long long long times for my ones to get to me!!! as i an the one going to the post office to collect them!!! :) yay!

love you all


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