Sunday, July 10, 2011

First week in Kasoa

This week we have been very very busy proclaiming the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ..

Last week i found nutella at the supermarket before i was transfered... and it cost me an arm and a leg but i could not resist!!!

I am mission (missing) the washing machine and oven very much but suprisnly not the A/c and the car.... i like the bike and it has been pretty cool from the plenty rain lately!

We had some very bad flash flooding this morning!!  It almost entered our apartment.
At about 5am till 7am the loudest most heavy rain i have ever heard and we stay down stairs of a 2 story building!!!   When we came out in the morning the rain had finished but how it was flowing down towards the ocean!. and it ghana the drainage is all open, and all over flowing!

So the dirty drain water (people do EVERYTHING in the gutters here) was mixing with the water flowing and it was nasty!)  But all our neighbours houses were flooded and water came right up to our door, but then continued to flow. There were cars almost half under (they moved them) and it was really bad.  It started at this lady's shop accross from our apartment, that we went to buy food from and it was flooded, so we helped empty the water, then saw the houses in the compound behind.  I have never seen so much water in one place!
So all afternoon we went and helped our neighbours take the water out of their houses. It was no small job that is for sure!!! we worked about 3 hours over their and managed to get all the water out of about 10, 2 room houses!!! It was fun, you could tell that the people were grateful and kind of amazed that 2 christian whites and a black would come and help them..  They are all muslim, the area we stay in Kasoa is right next to a Mosque so there are alot of muslims around. 

But is was really nice.  And it felt really good to give service!   (it makes me wonder what it would have been like back in Jan/Feb for you guys!

So i am in a different Ward, Different chapel, but the same Mission District as buduburam!
It is the Kasoa 2 Ward, and the members are very strange, they don't really like missionaries... it is very strange, and the Bishop (who you would like to be in your pocket if possible) really is not too cooperative... Talking to my companion apprantly the missionaries that were here in the past completely lost his trust and he has been sour ever since.  and my companion in Elder Makandangwe from Zimbabwe, he is 3 months on missoin and just finished training.  But he is a really cool guy, he was the ward mission leader back home and tries really really hard, it is great! Just what i need coming out of the office!  It feels good to come home tried from working all day rather than driving around all day! and i said before i dont really miss the A/C as it is not too hot at the moment and most nights i want to turn my fan off, but it is keeping the mosquitos off so i just hide under the sheet!  it gets quite cool, espically when the rain is happening!

Well i hope you are all doing great!
Keep smiling and remember that i love you!

Love Elder Anderson

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