Sunday, July 10, 2011

Runny Tummies, Light Out and being eaten by Mosquitos once again

I gave some sausages to the new missionary in our district.  He liked them but got a runny tummy the next day!!!  I think my stomach has become an iron cage since I've been here!!! lol

We had light off again today... 3 times... it comes... i log on, start to write... and then off again.......  on/off/on/off/on but no bother its a part of life!  i didnt even remember it was the 4th of july!!!! no party herebut the 1st of july is ghana independance day so big holiday here!!!!

Apples did write me a letter.and the MTC president told me about how he got sick in the mtc.... a record for non Africans actually!!!  and i met that other aussie that went home... he was my companion for a day before his plane left for melbourne! In his mtc 6 people got malaria, 4 got swine flu, 3 had some other disease and 10 got some other African influenza.  And yes there are now 2 more aussies here in accra!!! that one from melbourne and now one from perth.... (actually philipeeno) elder nicomedes.

Kasoa is great.. i'm loving it back to knowing what it feels like to get eaten by mosiquiitoes (still sickness free)  not that i would tell you even if i did get sick but anyway... lol it is the rainy season so the weather is actually somehow nice at the moment... the mail is very slow (maybe every 3 weeks if were lucky)

i actually think that the bishop likes me... he was sick on saturday so we went to visit him and see if there was anything we could do, and he invited us to stay for dinner (we had banku and okra stew with tiny little fish... it was pretty nice!  but my companion said they have been plenty times before around dinner time and they never invited them to stay!!! so its a start!

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