Saturday, November 12, 2011


had some KFG today, and it was pretty nice!
( they usually don't fry the goat but fried goat is actually pretty good!)
they do fry a lot of chicken but!

we ate Thai food last week and it was really nice!
i got thai green curry so that was cool and some thai fried rice which was also very nice!

well ghana is still sweet, we are still working hard and got at least another 6 weeks together!!!

i wanted to share a little experience we had this week that opened my eyes a little!  This week i re-realized something.  As we taught an investigator for the second time, we finished teaching about the restoration and introduced him to the Book Of Mormon.  We had asked him to pray about the things that we had taught and about Joseph Smith.  As we asked him if he had prayed he said that he had, and that he was still waiting for an answer.  As we taught about the Book Of Mormon and why we wanted him to read it.  About how he will come to know it is true by the power of the Holy Ghost if he would continue to read study and pray about it.  He said to us, "I am beginning to feel that it is true"
Then we waited, we could see him thinking, then he continued "because if it wasn't true, then you wouldn't give me the opportunity or tell me to ask God for myself if it is true... You would be trying to convince me."  And it made me think, how important the spirit is, we could visit someone everyday and tell them the church is true, they may even believe it, but they will not have their own spiritual witness and it will be harder for them to endure to the end.  I love the way the Lord reminds us of our own personal strengths and weaknesses.  Without his help we cannot succeed, even we shall not teach.

It is great to be home, but it is greater to be out here doing to lords work!
i love it
and will definantly miss doing it full time when i get home!
lots of love elder anderson

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