Saturday, November 12, 2011


I wanted to share a story with you and your family:
As we were doing some finding and contacting as one of our appointments fell through and the back-up also we stumbled across a compound with the gate open, we actually thought it was the compound of someone we had previously contacted and we wanted to follow up.  Inside we met a man named Patrick. It was pretty funny as when we went in, we knocked on the door and nothing, no answer, then from around the side we saw a man peep around the corner, he saw us see him and called out "wait i'm coming!!" 

So we waited....  he came back.  And immediately sat down with us and motioned for us to sit too.  He told us that just that morning, he had got into an argument with a close friend because he had gotten drunk.  When he sobered up a little he asked himself what had he done?  He then said he prayed, for the first time in a long time, that God would help him, that he wanted to stop all these bad things that he had been doing.  Some few hours later we knocked on his door.  He received us as servants of the Lord, as messengers coming to help him become converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When our appointments fell through, we could have been discouraged, we could have lost hope, we could have said, well this is a great day isn't it... but instead we used that time to do some finding. It was a little slow to start with, (i think that was a little of the discouragement) but we followed the spirit, and it lead us to where we need to be.

well this week has been great!
a lot of sickness as my companion has a cold and runny tummy! for 4 days straight
i had it for one day, some super spicy rice topping!!! makes you go
that is all you need if you are blocked it will clear you in no time!!!
sorry that is kind of gross

Ghana is still hot, east africa is in a terrible drought and west africa had terrible floods!!! i will send you some pics if i have time

loveelder anderson

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