Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Huge Area

It has been so so hot here in Ghana, my new area is HUGE!!! and like i said the members are really nice..  The bishop lives about a 30min drive away from the chapel, so we don't really get the opportunity to go to his house very often.  But his family are really nice!!  We went for ward clean up on saturday and it was really great to get to know some of the members!!  One lady came up to me and said.. "i know you! from Koforidua! its me Sis Quashie, i moved here a year ago after my husband died!!!"  I remembered her too!!! i was pretty amazed she remembered me actually! 

Another funny thing is the stake president that used to live in the USA moved back to ghana just over a year ago..
and there 2nd week back in ghana he picked up my companion and me (elder evensen when i was in buduburam) and took us to one of our meetings, as the car we took changed its destination while we were on it!!! so it dropped us else where and lucky they were going to the area office or we would've been late!!!   They also remember that! it is such a small world! hehe!  when we went to visit them last week sister badoo made us pizza.... if that answers the question about the western food!! they also like Ghanaian food!

The members are great, the ward is also nice and i am back in accra...
the stake conference where they will make the 4 stakes here in accra into 6 will be next month and they are have a combined 4 stakes, stake conference!!!! HOW HUGE WILL THAT BE!!! the venue is yet to be announced!  that is a lot of people!!  but it is evidence that the church is growing here in ghana!!

the mission is also hope that by next year the oldest district in the church will become a stake!!!  that will be an exciting day!!! it is the place in ghana called Abomosu where the church was officially started!! the oldest meetinghouse is there and they are still a district mainly due to language concerns! BUT hopefully by this time next year!!!!

Thanks for the photos they are really cool!!!  think about some cool ghana stuff that you want... besides a monkey and a black baby as i don't know how possible t those 2 will be to get thru customs!! super excited to eat some mcdonalds!!!

Lots of love Elder Anderson!!!

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