Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So much for not getting transferred!!! ZONE LEADER!! :)

First, this is the worst keyboard i have ever typed on in my entire life.  The buttons don't push, they are stiff and some don't work at all!!!

But some exciting news.. you can see a photo of me on the church website!! cool huh!
The one from elder holland's visit are up at
i am right in the middle of the group photo

OH!!! and i almost forgot, but i did get transferred after all!
I also received a new calling as a Zone Leader of the McCarthy Hill Zone... So Buduburam and Kasoa is now in my zone again.
My new companion is Elder Seroka from South Africa, and he is one transfer older than me but is going a transfer early.. so he will go home in just  over 10 weeks!!! how crazy is that!! then i will be left with just 12 weeks till i am home!!  then only 7 weeks till conference!!! wow this is going fast!

It was sad to leave elder john but i know he is in good hands with Elder Hanks from my mtc..  yep the one that made the billionaire mission call video.. he is still around! lol

My new ward is rich.. never have i seen so many cars in the chapel parking lot... more than full!!!  Dr. Kissi who was one of the first members when the church officailly came here almost 30 years ago is in my ward with his whole family, they are really cool and love the missionaries and go to the usa nearly every conference. He has a hospital here called the deseret hospital and did my first check up in ghana while i was still in the mtc!! but he doesn't remember me!

The ward is so wonderful with referrals too!! bringing in their friends to the gospel, they really have a desire to serve!!!  The stake conference where they are creating the new stakes is in a months time to so that is pretty crazy, the current stake pres is also in our ward, and he is really cool, his children grew up in the usa and they moved back to ghana to help the church grow about 3 years ago!  i wonder if he will stay as the new stake pres!

i love this work!!!

Love elder anderson!!!

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