Saturday, December 18, 2010


Do you know if my package arrived?  hopefully i will get it tomorrow.  We are having the mission christmas comference.

I got my mums aussie post package last week.  it did arrive.  It took 7 weeks in transit and I'm almost finished the chocolate.  And a calendar for next year with all Aussie animal photos on it.  It was cool to show the other missionaries.  I eat a lot but I've lost weight.  I eat all the time yeah I just sweat it all off.

Today is 4 months by the way!!! And it's almost Christmas.  There's some missionaries going home on Wednesday - 3 weeks early so they can be home for Christmas.

Looks like the box is still in clearance delay.  

Hey I was sick this week.  Malaria.  I almost died.  They took me to the clinic.  I call it a hospital.  JOKING BAHAHAHA lo... It was just food poisoning.  I vomited and had dirreooah for 24 hours then all gone.  Sister Smith thought it was Malaria - she wanted me to start taking the Malaria medication but it went away.  We can make our own food but it is rude to say no to a member/investigator if they want to feed you!  Even if you don't like it, it's hard when you don't even chew the food, you just swallow it straight and they watch to see if 'Obruni' can eat it.  They eat a lot of Goat here.  There was a man who killed two right outside the door of one of our investigators while we were teaching her.  they eat the intestines and the stomach and ALL of it - the skin, they eat lots of skin.

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