Monday, December 27, 2010


My first christmas away from home was an experience.
Started off by having to explain to 50% of the people i meet, that christmas is actually the 25th and not the 26th as most of them believe. and celebrate it on they spend all day on the 25th preparing food and what not for the 26th! 

Our branch had a Christmas Eve (actually on the 24th) Carols night.  It was very nice they did the usual, hymns mixed with the Christmas story from the scriptures.  They called upon the missionaries to sing the second last song.  The people have a habit of doing that.  Like talking at Oyoko Branch Sacrament meetings.
You sit with the president in PEC and see him all morning and he says nothing untill "ok so our second speaker is our beloved missionary......" and you are just stunned.

But other than that this week has been great!

We had another baptism on CHRISTMAS!!!  it was very nice.  it was one of our recently returned missionaries's nephew.  we are now working with the rest of the family.
So that is something to look forward too.  I love you all and hope everything is going great!!!!


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