Monday, January 3, 2011


and i'm not impressed.
Elder Chimuka is training this transfer  which means bye bye Elder Anderson!

He is getting an american. They called him last week to tell him and on Friday we had to go to Accra for trainers council.

All the people that are trainer were there 3 Elders and 3 Sister
So i went proselyting with Elder Berry From Utah.

1. I had a 'real' Cheese burger and it was actually pretty good.
2. I felt so weird seeing white people!!! I must have seen about 100, they were just all walking around, trying to avoid us.
3. The people in Accra all know something about the church, everyone is busy and most do not want to talk to you.
(not like in the bush how everyone wants to talk to you because you are white!  And no little kids yelling out Obruni all the time)

So i am fine!
Christmas and new years were very cool. Our Branches had parties for both and this evening the are having a joint Christmas/new year celebration.
Lots of food I'm hoping!

The last couple of night especially have been very very cool. i even slept without a fan and under my sheet!!!!!!
They were then followed by some of the hottest days I've experienced here in Ghana!

Teaching people has been great this week, we really went and dig around a new area that we hadn't been to much, and found some really cool people, and now i have to leave them!

So sad!

Thank you so much for all the goodies!
I don't know where to start the thanks!

The work is sweet, and time is flying!!!!

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