Monday, January 24, 2011


Good Morning from a Sunny day In Ghana's Central Region.

I do had a stout of runny nose this week, preceded by a sore throat..... so my sympathy's to Blaze.. i hope she is feeling better!!!!

This week has been another busy yet typical week in the life of an LDS missionary.  Lots of interesting 'little things' some great west aftican food and of course.... sore feet.  I always have sore feet! 
No Matter how much i sit down, they always seem to hurt. Sleep is golden then up again at 6.30am

It has been advised that we should leave the camp (refugee camp) before 6/7pm every day as it is not safe for us to be there so that isn't to exciting. Gives us less time to meet with our people! (i don't know where they are getting this from as the people are so nice here and super friendly, but they do like drinking, and they are probs not as nice when they are drunk)  But other than that the area is SWEET! very very sweet! We usually just spend that time with members who have referrals or in the other side of our area!

It takes too long to upload photos or i would sent plenty, but i will make some time when i can!

the people here are so thirsty for the truth. they have so many 'prophets' and so many one shop churches. so many people telling them that by paying 100cedis all their sins will be forgiven and many don't know any better paying everything they have and still being told its not enough.  so many greedy 'pastors' it makes me sick.
but one family at a time the true gospel of Jesus Christ is truly blessing the people here in Ghana

I know why i am here and thank my heavenly father each and every day, we can question why things are happening but if we follow our brother Nephi's council from the Book Of Mormon in 1 Nephi 11:16-17 We do no know the meaning of all things YET! We know taat God loves his children! and that is all we need to know.

I love you all so Much and thanks for the support you keep sending my way!

Miss you

Love Elder Aaron Anderson

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