Monday, January 24, 2011


So Good Afternoon there.

How are things in the now sunny (so i hear) Brisbane??

It is true that i'll be coming home to a brand new place! it will all be so different. AND i'm going to have a learn how to drive all over again and get the rampant craziness of Ghana's roads out and adjust back to civilized roads with actual rules.

This internet is killing me. I almost want to boycott the cafe all together!!!
There is a big generator out side that is slowly giving me a headache and the connection drops about 3 times every 5 minutes!!

So this week has been pretty normal, but exciting at the same time.  There is the nice restaurant/hotel called Adjosec(XXX)  The food is pretty good the environment is nice and it is just across the road from the chapel!
So Saturday's we have Missionary coordination and PEC so we go there after for dinner!

On Sunday President Cardon (the Area President) came to our Ward, for a visit.  It was pretty cool, he gave a great talk about the Atonement and the Saviour's life on earth. He is pretty cool, i played the piano (keyboard) terribly i thought, but he came and thanked me for the playing so can't have been too bad right!!  We got our baptisimal candidates interviewed which is relief! We will be having a baptism on Friday with 4 of my brothers and sisters!

We have been working plenty with the members really trying to get them involved with missionary work which has been really cool as they keep bringing us plenty referrals!! Which is just great!!!!!

This week has been a fried rice week and the fried rice has been very nice!  They make it different here but it is still good! Alot more spicy! Man they like their chilli tooo much everything!!! if its not burning the inside of you... it doesn't taste good!  Not nice at all.

That has to be one of the coolest stories I've heard! about Wayne and the priests!  It is so true that the spirit guides us to people who are in need, people who have been humbled by a situation or who will be able to be touched by the spirit from our heartfelt service and love that we should have for all of our fellowmen!

The concert/dance thing sounded like a real hoot! looks like you have a great time and did a lot of good in the community! 

The people here on the camp are somehow like that, they are all in the same boat and don't mind helping someone out! They are humbled by their situation thus making them more open to the promptings and whisperings of the spirit when we deliver our message about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

They are such a cool people to work with.  Our area however is also a bunch of villages that extend almost to Winneba, which is in the Cape Coast Mission!!!!!  Only a 20 minute drive!  Then there is one town called Fete that takes about 30/40min to get to which is our's as well.  You almost reach Winneba then you branch straight to the coastline. I have been told it is very nice. We are yet to go there, we normally don't proselyte there are it is so far away and it is so hard for members and investigators there to get to church. I think you can look it up.

I hope the family is fine and i hope you are getting my letters!

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