Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Yesterday we went to the beach with one of the members as Sunday was Ghana Indepedence Day and Monday was a holiday so we went with him and all his kids to have a 'picnic' at the beach! and when we got back light was off and it was getting late so we didnt want to go and wait!  (Lucky too as the power came back on at midnight!!!!)   AND it was so hot last night i couldn't sleep untill my fan came back on! and i was so happy that it did as i was dying!!!

It has been a great couple of weeks...  we have been working really hard and the results (as almost always from hard work) have been great!!! :)

Did you get my letters as i sent more!!!!?!!!?
its terrible that it takes soooo long!

We have Zone conference tomorrow so hopefully more letters and a package.... maybe.... but better new i will be able to send the letters i have here!  isnt that exciting!!! i think it is!

So yesterday we went to a really nice beach! It is called Winneba Beach. It is about a 15 min drive from the chapel.  One of the members took us and i put up some photos on facebook from the trip there are more to come! but that is a start it was really good fun!!!  (what wasn't fun was washing our clothes! :(..... never is really) but just something we have to do!!!!

Hope your all having a great time!!  Back with the rain as i hear it!!
Hope Blaze is loving her new sweet car!!  Sometimes i feel like im learing to speak english all over again and then you see a white person and it is akward to talk to them cause you don't talk normal anymore and it is just weird!

Anyway that is my news for the week!!! hope we have another great week this week!

Love Elder Anderson!!!

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