Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So my week to has been pretty uneventful.... BUT the highlight as usual was a baptism!!! Bro Charles Desuah and Sis Yah Bleshue!!
They were both golden! Seriously, GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS!!!!!
Great to teach, so into the gospel, and so excited to learn more, and strive to live by the commandments, many they were already living!

That is one really great thing about the huge emphasis of Christianity here, MOST people have high moral standards!
MOST.... i say that cause nearly woman/girl you see is pregnant.... or has a child....
but other than that most are good.... well at least the ones that show interest in the church are good :)

Can't believe apples will be here so soon!!! its crazy!
I probs will not be able to see him as it is on the other side of Accra and its not really allowed to go and see people! espically as im pretty far..... that one hour was a little wrong more like 2 if there is no traffic... which is pretty much never!!!!

however if there temple day is the same of our Zone conference i might see him!
So who knows!

Aiight!!! now to the exciting part!!!  My Encounter with ELDER DALLIN H. OAKS!!!

It was a great meeting.  We were to gather at the temple site at 8am We were running a little late due to traffic so we arrived at about 8:20 (lucky the meeting started an hour late!!) We then mingled together as missionaries i was able to talk to Elder Thom, which was cool.  Has a very thick accent so that was nice to hear for a change!

Then President Smith arrived at about 10 to 9 and said Elder Oaks was running a little late!!!

So we read our scriptures and what not...
Then the call came that he was almost here so we all went out side and lined up to shake his hand.. He stood and the chapel doors with his wife  and President Cardon (Area president) and his wife and shook all of our  hands as we entered the chapel and greeted us all!  it was pretty amazing.  (yes, he really is balded!) The meeting started at 10 and finished at 11.

We listened to the testimonies from President and Sis Smith, President and Sis Cardon and then Elder and Sis Oaks.

It was so nice, Elder Oaks gave some wonderful counsels that i noted down very well i think!  and forgot my notebook today!

But the part that stuck in my mind the most is the reason he changed his mind and the last minute to come and address us.

As you know (at least i think you know) there are 2 of the Elders in this mission in prison for false accusations of rape.  President Cardon, Said that while he was in the temple, a heavenly messenger came to him and told him that they were  innocent and that the time is soon at hand that they will be released"

Elder Oaks continued to tell us about how every thursday the 12 meet together and discuss any  issues that the church is facing all over the world and how they can address them.  He told of how President Faust would always say.....
"Brethren, i think we need some spiritual help with this one."

He then offered a wonderful prayer, asking for the spiritual help in the  situation that we have here.  I felt the spirit so strong, nearly everyone's eyes were wet.  I know they will be alright now.  Just like Ammon and his brethren from the Book of Mormon, The Lord is capable of bringing down the walls of prisons!

It was truly an amazing experience!!! that i will not forget!

Well that is all from me for now!!! hope you are all well and will talk again next week!!!

Love Elder Anderson

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