Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another new Area HO

This week was very wonderful, i had a little stout of runny tummy on wednesday, but that was all okay.   I packed up and moved on from OSU and the Christiansborg ward, it was honestly a little sad to move, but that is the work i guess!!!!

So i am now in an area called HO, it is the capital of the Volta Region, so basically i am teaching a whole different group of people.  The people of the Volta are Ewe, (Air-vways) and that is the language the speak, it is very different!

The City of Ho is pretty small, reminds me a lot of Koforidua, but a little better laid out, it was planned by the germans during colonial/slave trade times, and is very close to the Togo Border.

My new companion is Elder Anderson from Twin Falls, Idaho.
It is pretty funny when we introduce ourselves! Nearly everyone has to take a second look!
Especially the Branch members.

The Ho branch is a lone branch on its own, and it comes directly under the mission, the goal is to make a district up here in the very near future, there are some little towns with members in them all around Ho, but first we have to strengthen the members to make sure they will be able to have a functioning district.   The chapel also is a small rented building the 170 people that come to church on Sundays, don't even have room to fit in the chapel!!!   They have got a piece of land that the church is in the final stages of purchasing so hopefully by this time next year they will have their own church owned chapel to worship in!!  I know the members are super excited about getting a chapel.

There are also some couples up here, Elder and Sister Lyon from Arizona, they are also really nice and so generous, it is strange to have people just buys some food, or invite you for something...  I know how much the missionaries at home are enjoying!! hehe

So my apartment was absolutey horrible, we spend nearly all morning cleaning it!!
Sister Lyon took all our curtains to wash them in her washing machine, so we cleaned all the window, they were that black with dust that you couldn't even see out of them!!!  Elder Anderson and I also re arranged our room to make it more function-able.  Elder Makandangwe, my companion from Kasoa is also in the same apartment!!

There are also some really cool waterfalls around here and also a monkey sanctury, so we are going to see if the couples will take us up there one P.Day, so hopefully some really cool pictures to come!!!!

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