Sunday, July 22, 2012

a Hot Easter in Ghana

9th April 2012

Ghana has been soooo HOT this past week it is ridiculous!!

Easter has come and gone here in Ghana and it is an amazing holiday here!!
Commercialization has not really happened for easter yet. (It has for christmas and now the young generation focus more on santa and presents)  But Easter is still mostly pure!
I have never seen Accra Shut down like i did this easter i would guess more than 90% of the population was at church on friday and yesterday!   It was really amazing! I have not seen one easter bunny or one easter egg and it is actually really nice.  Eater is a time for families and remembering Jesus Christ.  Today being easter Monday most families are making the most of the last public holiday by going to the beach, nearly everyone in Accra goes, they say that they go to be close to Jesus, as he walked on the water, i am sure there will be places where loud music, boozing and dancing is happening but i know there are some places where there will be singing and praising and hallelujah's to the almighty God.

There is a member in our area who gave us a referral (his neighbour) so we went to see them, and i tell you that climbing mt warning was easy compared to the hill we climb to get to where they stay!!! and they climb up and down everyday!!! sometimes more that once!!!!! IT WAS CRAZY, about a 30-40 min walk (there is a car that takes you half way, but it is difficult to get and there is no set time when it comes!!!) 
But what makes it worse is that it doesn't look steep or tall!! you look up and you can't see anything higher but it just keeps going up and up and up!!

But it was worth it!  We have been teaching a sister and a brother (not the same family) and they are just soaking up the gospel and the Book of Mormon in particular.  When Elder Holland came he focused on the Ghana Accra Mission becoming a Book Of Mormon Mission and we have really been doing that, using the Book Of Mormon more in our contacting, teaching and studies. It is the main source for teaching the restored gospel, it is the foundation of everything, and needs to be the keystone of our testimony.
As we have been teaching this to our investigators it has really helped them to come closer to our Saviour and has really helped them receive their witness that the Church is true!!

I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday, fresh from the MTC again, so i am looking forward to training again, but it is going to be tough, as i will still be ZL as well.

Hope everything is great over where you are as i don't know if your home yet....

But lots of love from elder A Anderson!

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