Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Baptisms, cyclones & soccer - it's Ghana after all

We had the confirmations for our baptism this past sunday! for gideon and charles.

This wednesday is transfer day, but no changes here then Saturday we are having a missionary devotional, president Judd is coming to
be a guest speaker.

We are going to have 4 workshops with basic questions about the church answered About The Book of Mormon, The Plan of Salvation, The mode and necessity of Baptism, and the The Nature of God, our Heavenly Father.  I think those are them

Each companionship is teaching one workshop each, Then we are going to have a Q&A time with President Judd and he will finish
off the meeting! (with a few musical items along the way!)

We have another baptism for this sunday! i will let you know about all of them after they happen

This week was pretty cool, we found some great people, We planned to go finding in a particular area, and we barley reached there when people started contacting us and coming to us to teach them!! IT WAS

some wanted to know who we were, they have seen us around and thought us students, but why would we go down a dirt hick road???
but it was really cool. one even fed us after we taught them... and we had just met them!!!

All in all we had a pretty bomb week.

Saturday night was the UEFA football (soccer) final... so ghana went
crazy!!!  It was a good thing it didn't start till 7 and finish around 10 due to overtime and penanlities!  cause we were safe and sound in our house!

However!!! saturday Ghana had the craziest storm since ive been here felt like a catergory 2 cyclone or something!!!!  then light went off and stayed off until late sunday afternoon!!!  so lots of generators going to be able to watch the game!!!  It knocked over bill boards, moved the traffic lights and brought down a bunch of power lines!!!

crazy times!!  signs of something right!!! hehe
But we are all safe!
love elder Anderson

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