Sunday, July 29, 2012

Twi, Eggs and Boils....?

23 July 2012
I think i got it... it is Twi... Etisen meaning how are u? or hows it? Were the ) and the } both the back to front e?? Just makes you say the eh sound and not the e.
That is cool... did the lady show you that? I hope I don't shame myself when I speak Twi to her.

Did you know that I am the ZL over the McCarthy Hill area?? Which part….. Tell her I am staying in Awoshie... and McCarthy Hill Ward worship in the same building as us!!!

I will bring you some Golden Tree Chocolate…... but honestly I miss Cadbury….. there are no milk solids in there chocolate so it is a little chalky….... but it doesn't melt so that is a bonus!!!

I am going to get the nativity sets today…….. yay!! Hopefully they will be fantastic! And great!! i have one so I'm just going to get the others. The place is pretty close to here.

I never do understand why people do things they know are terrible for them! No one really smokes over here but they can drink like nothing else!! Even before modern alcohol they were fermenting the palm tree wine which turns out to have a really high alcohol percentage!!!

The boil was completely gone by Wednesday!! Thankfully!!!!! It popped Monday night and they are so weird!! And gross..haha

BUT I was grateful cause Thursday night was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in Ghana.

The Alex Boye concert!! It was sooooo good!! And you know….. Ghanians get really into things!! He sang a few of his original songs, then told his conversion story, sang some hymns shared his testimony and then sang "I'll believe in him" by Kenneth Cope.. Jenna sang it a while back at something and I have loved it since!! He finished with a song called "The World's Greatest" by R.Kelly but it is talking about not being ashamed of God and telling all about Him to the world and to all that ask!!!

It was so cool!! The stake centre was full!!! They had lights and a spot lights and a big sound system and they had a projector on the front lawn of the temple to play it when the hall was full and there were about 100 white people there!! That were not missionaries!! It was so weird...  haha

I am going to cut my hair tonight…… so that it will have time to grow before I get home. I am just going to trim it and not buzz it.  So hopefully I will look handsome when I get home. LOL.

While I remember can you please forward these or parts you choose to Blaze... or her mum.  They would like to know some cool stuff to..

My companion had hard boiled eggs for breakfast the other day. Elder Akak from Nigeria walks in….
“ your eating eggs”....”yeah”.... :for food???”….” umm yeah what else are they??”  (look of shock and disbelief) “For FOOD??? BY THEMSELVES!!????”  ... “haha yeah.. We don't have anything to eat them with”. It was pretty funny!! I am going to miss moments like that. I cannot wait for everyone to eat Ghana food!!! I am soooooooo excited. I am gonna make fufu and banku for you. Lite soup, groundnut soup and gari sockings…... and jollof rice and Ghana fried rice!! YAY!!!

You will love some and hate some I know!! Hehe
well that is all for this week!! No baptism but hopefully this Sunday so I will keep you posted!!!

Remember your Saviour and to smile!!  LOVE ELDER ANDERSON

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