Thursday, June 16, 2011

April 27th From the Office

This week has been pretty cool.
We had our stake conference on sunday, which was great!  Really great messages for the people here, The theme was "Becoming true followers of Jesus Christ".  President Smith spoke and the temple president and the stake president and the stake patricah.  The Stake choir that sang was the best african choir that i have ever heard.  They sang come thou fount of every blessing as prelude and it was so amazing. I wish i had my camera and was allowed to flim inside the chapel. It was so great!!  President Smith has a talk that he kind of gives everywhere.  It goes something like this.
"When i first opened my mission call and saw that i was coming to ghana was i scared.  i didnt know what to expect. I heard so many different experiences about ghana from alot of different people and was unsure what i would get once i arrived.  When we drove through ghana for the first time, i was shocked, I streets are dirty, there is trash everywhere, the people here do not have nice houses or nice cars and there are no supermarkets like we have in the US...  I began to feel very sorry for the people here in ghana!
No 5 years later that has compleltly turned around. I no longer feel sorry for the people of ghana, It is the people of the USA that i feel sorry for.  Here you have a nation that depends on God, you are a God fearing people and because of that he blesses the people here. You are a very humble and loving people.  That is something that the people in the USA are not, slowing they are slipping away from God and from the truth, they are moving more and more towards the worldly things. In the Book of Mormon teaches us that when the greater part of the people turn away from God that his spirit will cease to be with them, sure enough we see that happening in the US.
But not here in ghana.  This country will continue to grow strong as you focus of the Saviour and continue to follow his example."

I played american football yesterday and im so SORE!!!! gosh who would have thunk that playing football for 3 hours after doing 0 physical exercise in 8 months would make you sore!!!  (if you knew this please dont tell me how stupid i am!!)  but is was great fun and Elder Tui is teaching me how to play the Uke so i am becoming quite the PRO!!  i will be able to play with Kody when i get back and get a uke of my own!
(i did get a cheep crappy one here but i will dash it to someone when i leave!)

Driving is still fun. Almost crashed about 100 times into silly taxi drivers who dont look or have any idea who is supposed to have the right of way and want to cut in front of you when there is a 3 inch gap between you and the car in front!!! IT IS MADDNESS!!!!!

I'm getting well acquainted with the hospital staff at the C&J hospital that we take all the missionaries too, had a few to many missionaries in there this last 2 weeks!! mostly malaria and food poisoning! but one is have serious chest pains and they dont know what is wrong so hope he will be okay! he is a cool Ghanaian from Cape Coast Named Elder Cobbinah. he came just before me!

this email is kind of all over the place sorry about that but, just so many great things have happened!  EXCEPT this silly computer is saying that my camera is a unreconizable USB device!!!! SAD HUH!
so im going to find a card reader so i can continue to upload my pictures. and if tha fails i will use the nice printer attached to Sis Barneys computer.
(dont know if i told you about them) Elder and Sister Barney the office couple form Arizona. They are really nice. and like to talk!!!

Saturday night it rained soooo crazy we were in an investigators house and were stuck there for about 2 hours!!!! it was fun but!  then all the roads in our area Jamestown were flooded i almost drove the car into a gutter but a nice man on the road side guided me through it! so lucky!!!  but that ment no one out selling!!!! and no bananas for sunday night banana cake!!!
lucky Elder and Sister Barney dashed us from Pineapples so i made a Pineapple Upside Down Cake and some Anzac biscuits and they were amazing!!!!! i will put up a picture, they both turned out great!! they didnt even last until this morning!!!

Another great week! lots to do and still having a great time in the GAM!!!!!
Ghana Accra Mission!
Lots of Love
Elder A. Anderson

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