Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mission President getting ready to go home

10 months! WOW HOW TIME FLIES!
But soon i will be back in the field and regular with my comings and goings on pdays once again. so no need to stress.

We are teaching a guy's wife and kids at the moment, ne joined the church in italy where he is working. and he came home to take his family to church so they are all be baptized and eventually sealed together!  It's funny cause he has to come home to his african country of ghana to go to the temple!!
SEE not everything is better in europe!

It was your friend carol that sent me the stamps and also my uncle in provo sent a couple first class ones and she sent me the 98 ones.   which are better cause i have to use 3 first class ones or just one 98 one, so that is good!
As for us the missionary work is still progressing!!   Our investigators are doing well, still having issues coming to church, but for that one i don't know that is can be resolved right now, we have to teach them, express our love and sincerity in care and help them understant the importance of coming to church and partaking of the sacrament!  Teach for understanding, these people are all individuals with different levels of education and understanding, each is very very different.  Nearly all have a religous background, there are alot of areas with very high concentrations of Muslims, it is not always east but the Lords has promised us blessings when we serve him Faithfully.
I have learnt so much from President Smith, and it is very sad to see him leaving.  They send all their things home tomorrow in a shipping container, just leaving behind the bare essentials, nearly everything stays in the mission home for the next president.  I am excited to See president Judd come, and so see the changes he will make, the things that he will keep the same and as we continue to grow and learn from him, what type of mission presient he will be.  Change is scary but exciting at the same time.
There is a white coulple in our branch called Elder and Sister Brown from Utah who are serving a Welfare Mission (they go home the 2nd week of July). Well they feed the missionaries on the 2nd sunday of every month!! So sunday was a good day! we went and sister brown prepared us pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravey and mixed vegies. chocolate cake and milk and jelly!!! it was strange.. but tasted sooo good! It was nice to have a meal from back home again.
But i still like ghana food, which i know i will miss when i come home. But don't worry i am going to prepare fufu and light soup with goat (not really with chicken) when i come home so you can all try some! It will be great! and everyone will probably get runny tummy! and then REALLY know how i felt!!!! lol
Elder Anderson!

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