Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ghana has very cheep? (cheap) ties

Hey, so we just got back from FHE with some ward members, im not sure if i told you this, but remember that ensign that Wayne showed me of ghana that he found just before i left?  well she is in my ward!! and we go to her house every monday night for FHE and a FM (free meal)  which are really good!!!!
pretty crazy actually.
cause that same Ensign (well liahona here but the same covers) was in my new apartment and i was like hey wayne my blah blah showed me this blah blah and they were like well your gonna meet her tonight!!!! i was like NOOOO WAY!!!!
so that was cool!! and crazy that he showed me it right before i left and i met her and ate at her house!!!!
and i just got my hair cut again! and i actually like it.
it has some shape... (as i went to th barber and didnt di it myself)
I am a pretty amazing uke player!
i have a pretty shiny red one. and it is very nice! :D
i have enveloped addressed and stamps on them i just need to fill them with letters and send them!!! the time!!! is just not there!
rainy season is eye... (or air-yeah) meaning fine... or okay.  it still hasnt really gotten into it too much.
today being P.Day we went to the market and got some ties...
you can get some really nice ties (called jatala) for 2.50 very cheep!!! and you can wash them and iron them and every thing!!! they are sweet!! We had to get some for sister smith as she gives one to each missionary on their birthdays! so we went to picked out some nice ones for her! it was pretty fun. we spend some time looking at the wood carvings and paintings and beads!! im going to spend tooooo much money!!! not good at all!!!! but there is really some cool stuff here!
The christmas presents might actually come on time this year!!
Lots of Love
Elder Anderson!!!!!!!!!

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