Thursday, June 16, 2011

May 19 - Blessed to be free of Maleria, Cholera, Typhoid....

so im still in the office. just some small longer. but that means i get to stay in Jamestown which is great as it is a cool branch!  my new companion is Elder Speirs. from Idaho.  he is cool.  he was trained by my former companion elder chimuka and was the one who replaced me in Effiduase!  that that is kind of cool!!!
we know all the same people pretty much!
that place is cool! and now we drive we can go visit sometimes!  it is great aswell cause he can drive too!! so its not all on me!!  great right!  alot less stress and i get to rest aswell!
We are doing great in our area. the people are really responsive and it is great!
our branch mission leader has started being a little more proactive aswell which is great.. really getting into his calling!
They are still struggling to come to church. (inverstigatiors and members alike) but we are working on them! they will have no troubles in no time! just need to build their faith, and teach them about how the lord sees the sacrifices that they are making! (espically when it comes to church atendance and partaking of the sacrament!)
I feel this is very short (and also late) but i know that it lets you know that i am safe, not sick and doing great! (my companion has been in ghana for almost 6 months and he has already typhiod and malaria!!!!) wow i am lucky to only have had a cold and some food poisioning!!!!
and in the big cholora outbreack they just had here in ghana and nothing!!!
not one missionary got cholora!!! the lord truly looks out for us!!!

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